Ada - Every Dog Has Its Night
Ada - Every Dog Has Its Night
Ada - Every Dog Has Its Night
Ada – Every Dog Has Its Night Only the Techno Siren, with her Pandora box of wonky keys, could rouse the dormant AR creature. Every Dog Has Its Night is her groggy sonnet, to unclog the crust of a three-year slumber from bleary bloodshot eyes. Fashioned from transitory bed times between sleep and awake, it’s the hazy candied daydream awash with choral watercolours before monkey chattering memories usher in consciousness. I don’t want to get up. I don’t want to work. I want to stay right here, in blissful limbo, with Ada, with you. Metope on the other hand has been dancing all night. The sun is rising, but he is sinking into a 4/4 reverie, remembering the time when you swayed just so. The floor was one, but now I am alone. I’ll ride out the day with your voice tickling my soul, until the night returns and I can find you once more. Every Dog Has Its Night paves the way for 100 Jahre Areal —a compiled homage to AR’s older, wiser parent label, set to release next month. Calling upon its roster family—including Basteroid, Pascal FEOS, Hrdvsion, The Cheapers, Falko Brocksieper and many more—100 Jahre Areal presents fresh works, using samples from its back catalogue. From Basteroid’s Areal-founding Automatique / Drehoment release up to Metope’s Betaowl / The Quiek EP—a total of 57 records spanning nine years have been transformed into specimens. Turned on by their own creators and spliced into even more fantastical reinventions. But first there is Ada. Let her dog have your night.
format: EP
releasedate: 2012-03-07
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